What do I need in order to sell an item?

A valid US issued form of identification is required EVERY-TIME. Example: Drivers license, Passport, Military ID, State ID

There is no exception to this rule

how long do I have to wait before I can buy the merchandise back? 

This depends on the merchandise you sell us, whether it is jewelry or non-jewelry. 



Jewelry is required to stay at our store for 10 days. 


Non-jewelry (all other merchandise)

Everything non jewelry is required to stay at our store for 15 days. 

There is no exception to this rule

why can't information be given over the phone?

To protect the privacy of our customers, we will NOT give the following information out:

  • Any information about active tickets. This includes:
    • Dates
    • Prices
  • Estimates on merchandise

How much is my item worth?

There are absolutely no estimates given over the phone. 

Prices will only be given in person with item present.